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Campfire #35: How to use chat GPT as a freelance product designer?

This is how AI might be used to assist designers and freelancers in their workflows.

Alex Dovhyi
Alex Dovhyi
3 min read
Campfire #35: How to use chat GPT as a freelance product designer?

As Chat GPT continues to gain attention, many have assumed that it will eventually displace Google or Stack Overflow and possibly threaten blue-collar jobs.

I wanted to look more closely at how this artificial intelligence technology might assist designers and freelancers in their workflows, even though it can be difficult to predict the future. Here's what I tried:


  1. Cold emails
  2. Proposals
  3. Client communication

Product design:

  1. UX copy
  2. Ideation
  3. Long-form text summarization

Writing cold emails

I asked Chat GPT to write a cold email to the potential prospect using this prompt:

“Write me a cold email to a qualified lead pitching website design services with a call to action to schedule a call with me.”

Here’s what I’ve got as a result of this prompt:

The results are very impressive! And even though I don’t recommend using this exact text to write your emails, this could be a huge time saver to help you get started and give you inspiration for your own custom message.


Writing proposals is always a big struggle for many freelancers, especially if you’re just getting started. Let’s ask Chat GPT to help us write one:

“Write me a short proposal for a client lead offering a website design services for $5000.”

Here’s what we’ve got from our AI assistant:

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