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151: Embracing the process to figure out the most elegant and sustainable solution, Examining taste more objectively, Why intention matters.

Create slowly, Taste, Good design is intentional
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Create slowly, Taste, Good design is intentional

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Create slowly

We all have goals that we want to achieve. And, given the option, we would like to get to them sooner rather than later.

There's nothing wrong with reaching a goal quickly, but our obsessive demand for immediate gratification — with little respect for the process — harms our health, happiness, and life.

Carl Barenbrug in his article "Create slowly" points out the same concept in the tech space:

Even if you love tech, and I do, you'll feel it sooner or later. We're endlessly bombarded with choices, jargon, reviews, monthly recurring revenues, and so on — that make us feel pressured, envious, and overwhelmed.

Too many product designers are trying to get it right in the first attempt, without thinking about the consequences of such solutions.

Slow design is about embracing the time-consuming process of trial and error so we can figure out the most elegant, considered, and sustainable solution.
Create Slowly - Carl Barenbrug
The concept of slow design is one I’ve applied for several years. As time passes (quickly) and new technologies land on our desks, the expectation that we need …

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