Discovery 1

“One sure-fire way to stay creative: force yourself to learn something new.” — Harvey Mackay

Discovery 1
Featured artist: Mariia Loniuk

Welcome to the first edition of Discovery at Alex’s Camp. Discovery is a free newsletter with a bit different format that gives more freedom to experiment and get inspired. Its purpose is to uncover fresh findings at the intersection of art and technology, sharing useful tools, interesting people, inspiring art and design projects, and thought-provoking things to read, listen and watch.

As a designer myself, I get inspired by everything that surrounds me, and I want to share it with you. I started sharing my explorations in Campfire and based on your feedback, the most interesting part of Campfires is answering challenging questions from readers.

While Campfire exists as a ✨ paid members-only ✨ edition, Discovery will be available to everyone.

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Here's what you've missed since last week:

The jobs of a product designer
Product designers play a crucial role throughout product development process. Here’s what they actually do.
🔥 Campfire 16
Should you be a generalist or a specialist designer, how to Twitter, the invisible addiction, and much more.
How to know if you’re doing a great job as a product designer?
Three questions product designers can ask themselves to evaluate if they’re doing a great job.

Apps and Websites

Fathom Analytics →

Simple, straightforward website analytics, focused on privacy for website visitors. Fathom doesn't track them, save their personal information, or need it to be profitable. A great alternative to Google Analytics.

Typefully →

Typefully has everything you need to write, schedule, and publish amazing tweets and threads. Analyze your engagement to find the best posting times. Grow faster with stunning and informative engagement analytics.

Tweet of the week

being a product designer is just designing different cards every day until you die or retire

Day, after day, after day... it all feels the same. If you want to know if you're doing a great job as a product designer, ask yourself these three questions.

Food for thought

Dear Fuck Up: How Do I Figure Out What I Want in Life When Every Day Feels the Same? →

“Everyone is living like a depressive right now. The monotony, isolation, the odd sleeping habits, the feeling that dishes are asexually reproducing in your sink. I used to understand all of these things as outward symptoms of my inner life, but I’ve come to realize that they can be causes and not effects. Am I truly depressed or just acting like it? Is there a difference? Perhaps not.”

Aza Raskin: The digital attention crisis →

Aza Raskin's excellent talk demonstrates how our attention crisis magnifies so many other crises and how we're rapidly approaching a point where technology leverages and transcends our human limits.

40 powerful concepts for understanding the world →

A mega-thread with 40 concepts that shape our behavior and thinking by Gurwinder.


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That's it for today's Discovery! Hope you enjoyed this edition and found it interesting. If you come across something interesting – feel free to send it my way.

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