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How do I keep my focus in a distractive world?

Nowadays, so much is happening in our lives that it's almost impossible to focus on what's important.

Alex Dovhyi
Alex Dovhyi
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How do I keep my focus in a distractive world?
Credit: Todd Trapani

Today I'm gonna uncover the routines and tools I use to stay focused for long periods. I do so by working in my peak performance hours by following body rhythm and measuring energy levels. ⁣

There are 3 simple steps to enter the focus state:

⁣Clarify the task

Define one task you'll be doing during the focus time. When it's unclear what you should be working on, it's easy to switch between tasks or get distracted. Without clarity, you can spend half of the day just trying to figure out what to do. ⁣

⁣Eliminate distractions

Put your phone in the "Do Not Disturb" mode. This might sound easy, but it saves hours of work. See, when you enter focus mode – any tiny notification can break the entire flow, and you'll have to start over. ⁣

⁣Create a proper soundscape

Use white noise or your favorite music to eliminate disturbing sounds. Sometimes, even simple "Hey, what's up?" from your homies can break the entire focus.

⁣Pro-tip 1

Use an Endel app (not sponsored) that adapts the soundscape to your environment. It uses the Circadian Rhythm and inputs like location, weather, and heart rate to support your biological clock. ⁣⁣

Pro-tip 2

Measure energy levels using the Welltory app (not sponsored). This app measures your HRV (heart rate variability) algorithms to calculate your energy and stress levels. It also allows you to see how your lifestyle affects energy levels and adjust your routines. ⁣

Among these advices, don't forget to eat healthily, exercise regularly and drink more water. It's self-evident advice to give, and many people might say, "We know that," but have you tried doing that for 30+ days?

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