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How to craft the offer?

Your offer is what you pitch to companies. Going to a prospective lead and saying, “I’ll design a landing page for you,” will not get you much business. You need to tell them what you’re going to do and why it will get results.

Alex Dovhyi
Alex Dovhyi
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How to craft the offer?

Based on your market definition, you should know which problems you solve and who you solve them for. Now, your job is to compile a valuable offer that will make clients give you money.

An excellent offer explains the services you will provide professionally and thoroughly, and it should give the client the impression that you will provide a high-quality service. This approach will allow you to charge higher fees for your work.

Core elements of an excellent offer:

  1. Cover letter
  2. Executive summary
  3. Solutions outline
  4. Testimonials
  5. Pricing breakdown
  6. Agreement and CTA

Cover letter

The cover letter does not have to be a part of the offer; you can provide it as a separate document.

Nonetheless, it is the first thing a prospective client will read. It’s brief and to the point and can offer people an excellent sense of who you are and how you do business.

Try to keep the cover letter conversational – introduce yourself, thank them for the opportunity, and quickly explain what they should expect while reading your offer.

Here’s an excellent example of a cover letter for a freelancer:

Hi [client name],

I’m sure you’re busy, so I’ll keep it short&sweet.

You’re looking to solve a specific problem, and I have the necessary skills and tools.

Given my substantial experience with data-heavy platforms for [specific niche], I’m confident I can deliver top-notch UI/UX design within your deadline.

Enclosed, you will find my proposal for [project] based on my estimation of your needs. In short, the proposal will show you the following:

• Suggested solution
• Examples of similar work
• Pricing

The proposal is based on my careful analysis of the market, your business, and the latest design trends. If you have any questions and/or suggestions, feel free to reach out, my contact information is included below.

Looking forward to working with you,

[your name]

While seeking a job may be your top priority, never get personal.

Clients want honesty, but they don’t appreciate fake stories. They’re searching for someone to do the job and aren’t aiming to gain extra karma points by hiring you.

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