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The only newsletter you need to become a world-class product designer

Each week I uncover the most intimate topics about product design, freelancing, career, and personal growth.

Alex’s Camp is not yet another newsletter. It’s an invitation to a challenge. A community built around truly intimate relationships focused not only on our careers but on our personal growth as well.

It’s not for everyone. We warmly welcome:

  • People who want to switch careers and become a product designer
  • Professionals who’ve been in the game for a while but didn’t get the results they wanted
  • Freelancers struggling to find new clients and build a solo business that will set them free

Come learn, grow, try new things, be vulnerable, and have fun during our adventures.

Each Tuesday, I talk about the most intimate topics around product design, freelancing, career, and personal growth to help you become a better professional and make a living doing what you love.

Each Friday, I answer questions from readers, empowering people to get into design, build their skills, switch careers to product design, and anything else that makes you scratch your mind.