What is Alex's Camp?

Alex’s Camp is not yet another blog or newsletter. It’s an invitation to a challenge. A community built around truly intimate relationships focused not only on our careers but on our personal growth as well.

Everyone at Alex’s Camp is an explorer. We walk our journeys. We search for freedom. We tell stories. And we enjoy it.

Come learn, grow, try new things, be vulnerable, and have fun during our epic adventures.


I highlight the most interesting questions from readers about design, freelancing, career, and personal growth in a members-only weekly newsletter.

Posting schedule

Explorers receive a fresh post every Tuesday morning and a Campfire edition every Friday morning.

Free Subscribers receive roughly one fresh post a month.

About Alex
Alex Dovhyi is a digital product designer for multi-billion companies. Over the past 10+ years, he was privileged to work with clients in the USA, Europe, and Australia – from emerging companies and start-ups to large established corporations. Alex provides a paid consulting on design, freelancing,…

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